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Our Core Values

Quality is our signature.

We offer quality service and products guided by your unique needs.

To date we have concentrated on applying quality control procedures specific to individual products to ensure that all products supplied comply with the customer requirement.

International training and experience has enabled us to supply high quality castings using both the old and new well tested casting methods.

The casting methods employed are sand casting and gravity die casting.

The quality of a casting depends on;

  • i. Quality of the mould.
  • ii. The metal being cast.
  • iii. The manner in which the metal fills the mould.
  • iv. Solidification mode.

All these variables are closely controlled in our works to produce the highest quality possible.

The majority of our products have been designed and developed by our customers.

Internally we have the capability to assist in the design of products specifically with regards;

  • i. Product layout
  • ii. Suitable material for specific applications
  • iii. Adequate quality control procedures to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are currently working 40 hour week on a single shift.

We have sufficient capacity to grow to a second or even a third shift.

We are embarking on vigorous marketing and implementation of recognised IQMS systems in order to expand our customer base beyond the borders of South Africa.

We are your foundry for now and into the future